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Passionate Technology Educator

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About Me

Hi I'm Jim, and I welcome you to my page. I will try to keep this short. This page is also about everyone out there who in some way works with a computer to get things done. Which is just about everyone. Everyone who has a desire to have the freedom to to use technology without technology using you.
Still there?

My Story

One day I just got fed up with sofware that wanted me to do things its way. I got tired of constantly cleaning up after messy software. I also became upset when I repeatedly had to plug leaky holes thru which viruses and dastardly malicious code entered MY computer to steal, kill and destroy My files. How dare they do this. Not to mention the frustration of the fun of computing. During this time I was working with students who had never touched a mouse write papers. And students who needed easy ways of doing easy things.
Crazy? Yes! And frustrating! Enough is more than Enough
The result?
I learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

About You

For me, compuer technology is about communication. Two people communicating in meaningful ways. For me, good technology is three things...
Freedom to write and share without techonology jerking your chain
Flexability to work thw way you want to work
Independent of the financial burden to pay for my tech habit
So here we go! Want to tap into resources that can provide some Freedom, Flexability and Independance? This is not a goto this web site, download a bunch of information and somehow figure it out the Globuldy Glook. Lets get together in Meet Up Classes as a group of friends and have a conversation. Face to Face. Bring your lappy (laptop computer) and lets actually do this. Tap into the mind of a nerd who speaks the language of main street users just trying to get things done.
If you want to learn and experience some Freedom, Flexability and Independance, Let me send you some info...
Contact Me
Thanks - Jim




Open Systems

Work Experience

Jim has worked as an adult educator for almost 25 years in the computer field. He has worked with students who have never turned on a computer or driven a mouse. These beginning students sucessfully learned to manage their computers, create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Email, etc.


Basic Computing

Able to work with beginning students and teachers to learn basic computing skills

Curriculum Writer

Experienced curriculum writer and designer




Recognized as a leader in electronic communications and information sharing

Systems Analysis

Worked with grant projects that reduced computing costs by over several $10K per year for my current employeer


Milestones Achieved









Other Skills

Instructional Design 35% Complete (success)


Adult Education 35% Complete (success)


Technical Writing 35% Complete (success)


Teaching 35% Complete (success)


Distance Learning 35% Complete (success)


LinkedIn Endorsements

Endorsements from my LinkedIn pages.

Google Apps for Education

Heavy user of Google Apps such as gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and G+.

Safety and Security

Keen interest in computer safety and data security.


Constantly Learning. The latest project is how online marketing works successfully. What do you thinik so far?


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